Demonolatry and me, perfect together

I posted this pic on Facebook five days ago by writing this:

“Christianity is the victor; therefore, they wrote their “history” to contain a fear factor known as Lucifer/Satan.

In reality, the good/evil axis is blurred heavily and defining a character as good or evil is flawed.

Worship whatever deity serves your needs

As for me and my house….

Hail to the king”

The first comment was from a friend, Tim, who wrote:

“I have to ask. To you believe in Satan as a deity? Or a symbol of pride, liberty and individualism?”

I promised him a detailed response via blog rather than waste time replying to the comment and nobody else but my curated social media echo chamber will read.

So, Tim, here is my answer.

I am a deist, but not a theist.

The difference between the two terms is important.

Deist is defined as, “belief in the existence of a supreme being, specifically of a creator who does not intervene in the universe. The term is used chiefly of an intellectual movement of the 17th and 18th centuries that accepted the existence of a creator on the basis of reason but rejected belief in a supernatural deity who interacts with humankind.”

Even with that term, I believe strongly that our universe wasn’t divinely created, but because of evolution, natural selection, and millions of years of adaptation, extinction, and dominant species — such as humans — forming the capacity to use their brain to progress society as they need.

Theist is, “a person who believes in the existence of a god or gods, specifically of a creator who intervenes in the universe.”

Monotheism falls under the theist umbrella. To people of faith (and monotheism encompasses Christianity, Islam, and Judaism) they believe their god is responsible for the creation of heaven, hell, earth, and all beings who inhabit those realms. “God is in control”, is their mantra, and to monotheism followers, the answers lie in their holy books and relinquishing control to the almighty creator.

Here’s where my spiritual path gets fuzzy and requires a bit of work to elaborate.

Since I don’t believe in an almighty god, how can I believe in a spiritual entity that “fell” from heaven after a biblical act of rebellion?

Here’s the trick, I don’t believe the story as told in the Bible.

Refer to my sentence, “Christianity is the victor; therefore, they wrote their “history” to contain a fear factor known as Lucifer/Satan.”

I believe that religion is a concept created by cultures to fit the norms they wish for in their society. It provides the answers as they pertain to their traditions, cultural aspects, way of life, topography and geography, and implied morality. Simply put, the answer to the questions, “where did we come from, and what is there after we die?” are answered by each culture, respectively.

The spiritual world is a great unknown, and contrary to monotheistic viewpoints, we do not communicate directly with the monotheistic god, nor do they pull the strings of humanity. I believe in a spiritual world, but not one we can be influenced by, but walk with in unison, commune with, pay respects to, honor, and provide some guidance to our lives.

Before I continue to explain my path further, I am a Luciferian/Demonolater, but not in the context of what monotheism teaches you from their books. I believe the demonic entities from the Ars Goetia are not fallen angels or demons, but pagan spirits who were demonized to create an antagonist for monotheism — more specifically christianity.

When you take out the concept of an omnipotent god from the equation and understand the biblical texts have been transferred from word of mouth to paper 40 years after the death of their christ, you come to see the fallacy of fireside tales as faith.

When christianity was spread across the world by their servants and soldiers, it wasn’t done in the way we see today from well-meaning missionaries going to third world countries with their privilege trying to convert tribes into bible believers, then leaving them with a makeshift church, a box of propaganda, and nothing else.

In order to fully convert these heathens into monotheistic knee-bending submissive servants of the lord, it was necessary to create evil from the spirits they venerate. You can’t have good without evil, so they say, and the black and white thinking of monotheism has spread across the globe into what we see today.

The truth is this: the grey area of spirituality exists. In that area lies your personal interpretation of what these spirits are to you. Since we have no real written record, other than man’s interpretation, we only have snippets and ritual to pull from, and rituals are highly subjective and incredibly personal.

Lucifer is not mentioned in the Ars Goetia, but he is commonly known as the Liberator of the Spirits. Early theologians saw Lucifer and Satan as two separate entities, while today they are known as the same. Thus is the muddling of the waters of monotheism even more to fit the agenda of a great antagonist.

Lucifer represents light, beauty, rebellion, pride, free will, justice, and desire. If you watched the cheesy, yet enjoyable, TV series “Lucifer” you will remember this, “Detective, what do you desire….?”

If you dig deeper into the history of Lucifer, you will find he was the Roman name for the planet Venus, and his name meant “light-bringer.”

Paying homage to the spirit, Lucifer is seeking those qualities within. After all, that is the essence of spirituality to me. You want to embody the concept of what these spirits are in your daily life.

Now, let’s do some timeline work here and geographical playing.

Christianity was first spread en masse by Paul to the Roman Empire. Peter played a significant role also. What started as a sect developed into Rome, officially recognizing christianity as a religion in 313 through the Edict of Milan. After the religion was adopted as the state-sanctioned faith, the persecution of pagans and heretics was widespread. Convert, exile, or death. Making demons and devils out of the pagan gods and spirits, and creating holidays based around existing pagan holidays like Saturnalia.

It doesn’t take a genius to see the fallacy of christianity, but maybe the christian faithful will still scream “FAITH” when the evidence points to the contrary.

I was resistant to the idea of a spiritual world even existing until about 24 months ago when a few distinctive events happened, which made me think there is more to this world than I though. I will not write these instances down, as they are highly personal and I’d like to keep them that way, but if they can make an ardent atheist change his mind, they were enough for me to explore deeper.

My path lies with embracing my dark side, along with the light I want to bring to the world. I am tuned this way, and I believe all of humankind cannot reach true enlightenment without being intimately aware of their shadow side, i.e. their dark side. For me, that spiritual path lies within L/D (abbreviated because I don’t want to keep writing these out long-hand). My mental health issues, and my life experiences, have me acutely aware of the evil in the world that men can do, and the only way for me to function in a chaotic world is to embrace that fact. I need to travel in a dark world, and to me that means paying homage to the demons that christianity created from the pagan spirits and allow their characteristics and lessons to run through me like a raging river.

You may think I am nuts, but is this more insane than believing a spirit in the sky went “poof” and created a man from dirt and a woman from his rib? Do you believe that a single book contains the answers to all of life, when that book has minimal historical backing and pulls from other spiritual manuscripts, traditions, to make their own faith?

The truth is still unknown. Despite what the faithful think (of any type) we will not know the truth until the day we take our last breath.

What I know is this:

I am not arrogant enough to believe man is alone on this earth. I have experienced spiritual events that shook my lack of belief and made me question everything that I thought I knew. I went from thinking this is all woo to having an altar set up at my house to work with the demons I choose to, and practice my rituals and offerings.

Does it work? To me, it does.

I also know there isn’t a single god anywhere who controls me, manipulates me, oversees the world, and has destiny on their fingertips. There is not a deity that wants us to bend our knee to his will and serve him like subservient humans in the kingdom of heaven.

This world is ours, but we are not alone in it.

That is my answer. It may not be your answer, but this is how I believe.

Your choice is your own and I will not look down upon you if you choose to be a monotheist, a polytheist, a pagan, a demon worshipper, a wiccan, a heathen, or any other of the myriad spiritual walks in the world.

With one catch.

If your faith is your weapon, mine will be a nuclear bomb to you. Respect gets respect. Live with that concept in mind.



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